Waterloo Property Management Services

We customize our Waterloo property management and reporting services to tailor suit the property and the individual needs of our clients.

The range of our services include:

  • Bill and collect tenant rent including security deposits.
  • Arrange for monthly payment of operating expenses & debt service;
  • Arrange for property insurance.
  • Regularly liaise with tenants regarding questions, concerns, and other relevant matters;
  • Collect revenue and pay expenses from a centralized bank account.
  • Negotiate contracts in accordance with your investment objectives;
  • Handle payables including building staff salaries, non-tenant utility costs, fees for contract services, supplies, and equipment plus advertising;
  • Observe & manage owner-approved renovations and upgrades for the property.
  • Prepare and deliver detailed monthly financial statements;
  • Prepare annual budget projections;
  • Report on and review with owner any necessary capital repairs.
  • Coordinating marketing, leasing & advertizing with local real estate company;
  • Regular property inspections, evaluations and supervision;
  • Supervision of all on-site employees and contractors;
  • Oversee tenant improvements & construction;
  • Maintain a 24/7 emergency response system;
  • Dealing with any tenant or building issues as they arise;
  • Annual inspections of Tenant’s premises with a written report;
  • Regularly monitor building systems including fire alarms, elevators, and emergency plans & procedures.
  • Manage all legal aspects of the Landlord / Tenant relationship;
  • Perform Lease management functions including contract terms, renewals and evictions;
  • Conduct ongoing assessments of the value of your property;
  • Conduct regular maintenance including housekeeping, exterior appearance, interior presentation, and roof condition;
  • Arrange and oversee the necessary repairs, maintenance, and contractual services required to maintain the value of your property.
  • Extend preferred rates on some property expenses; and
  • Coordinate all tenant move in plans and procedures.